Chelsea White Has #Tourette Syndrome, and It Hasn’t Held Back Her Dating Life | Glamour

Originally posted 2017-06-19 15:58:56.

At age four, comedian Chelsea White was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary vocal and physical tics. So White knows what it’s like to live with a syndrome that gets a bad rap. Though she acknowledges that having Tourette’s syndrome can sometimes lead to embarrassment, she is determined to combat the stigma of the disorder by talking about it and educating people about what it really is (note that it’s not just a disorder that causes people to curse uncontrollably; in fact, tics that involve cursing are rare). In honor of Tourette’s Awareness Month, Chelsea shares her story, explains how she manages her Tourette’s syndrome, and confesses it has become her “secret weapon in sussing guys out.”

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